It all started in 1978, from a small shop in Korydallos, with music and jewelry. Τwo sisters who gave themselves the opportunity to do what they loved. Over the years record stores went out of business but the focus on handmade jewelry (which required a long apprenticeship) gave the small company the impetus to grow dynamically, adding to its range branded creations in jewelry, accessories and art objects.

“Arzandiera” is the name given to Kimolos Island by pirates and European sailors during the Venetian occupation, impressed by the silver and white rocks they saw approaching the port.

“Arzantiera” is located, at the picturesque port of Aegina, in 2 Aeakou street, near the Port Office. It is whitewashed shop where you can find a various collection of hand-made, pictorial creations just made to fill your life with beautifulness.

In this special place, Xanthi changes old wooden surfaces into colourful paintings full of light, whereas her imaginative, decorating objects and unique pieces of jewellery are also exhibited.

Flora combines in the most dashing way pieces of metal, minerals, leather, beads and glass, creating unusual jewels with dynamic, modern shapes and fashionable style. “Arzantiera” is the perfect place to find a wide selection of pop art items, pieces of jewellery, ceramics, artistic structures, paintings and small sculptures created by well known Greek artists.

Handmade original candles from Arzantiera

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