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We are BX Decorations and we are here to help you with all your property projects!

Your Satisfaction is Our TOP Priority!

We are a passionate team of interior designers, painters and decorators, offering our skills and services at affordable prices to clients on magical Aegina.

Leave worry out of the equation by working with true professionals!

We would love the opportunity to show you why our exceptional service sets us apart from the rest of the field.

Our services include but not limited to:

Surface coating solutions:

Painting • Staining • Varnishing

Surfaces we can coat include:

Walls • Wood • Glass • UPVC • Fiberglass • Resin etc.

Techniques we excel in:

HVLP Spraying • Brushing • Rolling • Dipping • Airbrushing

Decorating service solutions:

  • Interior design and color consultation
  • 3D Architectural visualisation
  • Wallpaper and bespoke wall finishes

Specialist repair solutions

  • Mold treatments
  • Water damage repair
  • Salt damage repair
  • Flaking wall repair
  • Algae, rust and other stain repair
  • Plaster, wall, stucco repair
  • Wood repair
  • Fiberglass, resin repair

Special coating solutions

  • Smart paint
  • Self cleaning paint
  • Anti microbial coating
  • Insulating paint
  • Waterproof coating


We know, no two projects are the same.

In some, you need construction done, in others you need to redecorate some parts of the house, sometimes there is a need for a specialist who can treat mold, water, or smoke damage in your property. Or sometimes you need someone who can help deal with a combination of these issues.

We are here for you!

Get in touch, and let’s talk about your project and see how we can help you!

BELA VICZIAN (Μπέλα Βιτζιάν) +306983021674 +447759930958 • Email: info@bxdecor.com

 6983 021674    +44 77599 30958   

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