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I’m Charalambos Michalopoulos and I graduated from the University of Athens School of Medicine. I was a specialty registrar at the Paediatrics Department of the Nikaia General Hospital and became a certified paediatrician in 2012.
I have a post-graduate degree in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics (2010) from the Harokopio University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics.

The title of my thesis was “The effect of breastfeeding on bone metabolism markers”.

I have participated in published scientific projects, lectures and papers and attended a number of conferences.
Since 2014, I have worked as a Senior Registrar at the Athens Paediatric Centre (Marousi) and I maintain a private practice in Keratsini.


Newborn Development Check-up

  • Assessment of newborn after leaving the maternity hospital (at home or by appointment at the surgery)
  • Monitoring of physical growth and psychomotor development of the infant
  • Regular assessment of the rate of weight gain and interventions should any problems arise
  • Support for breastfeeding, guidance in transitioning to solid foods, support for baby-led weaning for those interested


  • Administration of vaccines for infants, toddlers and children based on the National Immunisation Programme.

Parent Counselling

  • Prenatal meeting and counselling of parents on what is needed before the birth and basic issues of concern in the newborn’s first few days, as well as practical advice on infant care
  • Support for breastfeeding and lactation counselling with discussion and regular assessment of breastfeeding technique
  • Parent counselling on sleep and nutrition issues
  • Parent counselling on early detection of developmental and learning disorders – cooperation with specialist doctors for treatment
  • Monitoring and counselling for teens and parents on adolescence-related issues and concerns

Nutritional Counselling

  • Assessment of nutritional status (with laboratory work-up where needed)
  • Support for developing healthy nutritional habits
  • Nutritional guidelines adapted to the needs of each child, as determined by levels of physical activity and the potential presence of a chronic disease
  • Correction of diet-related deficiencies (anaemia, low iron, insufficient vit. D, etc.)
  • Treatment of childhood obesity cases

Surgery hours:

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, 9:00 – 15:00

6943 863621   

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