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Beauty Expert & Beauty Consultant

The art of Harmonization for Beauty and Health!

“Our face is the link between our body, mind and emotions”

Beauty means health, prevention, and care. The skin is housing our consciousness and our lives. Both the physical and psychological stress “etched” deep in facial and body expressions.


The Body knows, the Soul listens, the Spirit lives!

Zen Shiatsu is a complementary bodywork therapy. it stimulates and supports the natural self-healing processes, wellbeing, and personal growth.
Preserves and improves the health.
Zen Shiatsu touch is adapted to the specific characteristics of each person and the sense of this care is always pleasant and painless.
Psychosomatic disorders, stress, migraines, fatigue, insomnia, digestion disorders, sciatica, chronic dysfunctions


QI GONGBreath, Movement, Mind, Meditation

Qi Gong does not work as a slow aerobic exercise or a fitness program. One needs to follow through the practice and cultivation of the right posture with the connection of the breath and the focus of the mind.

Group lessons and private sessions are offered
Holistic Life Coaching

Benefits of exercise in Qi Gong

Vocational Training Workshops
Personal Development Meetings

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About me

Antigoni Tsegeli is a graduate Specialist of Aesthetic Applications, a Dipl. Zen Shiatsu
practitioner with professional training in Holistic Wellness Therapies.
She is Qi Gong and meditation Teacher and integrates the knowledge of Traditional Eastern Medicine and Western Science during her 20 years of professional experience.
She has been trained in bioenergetics balancing of Chakras, Crystal therapy, Sound therapy, Focusing as Life Skill, and Continuous Professional Development in abroad and
Greece. She has worked in Management Administration, Therapist and Spa Trainer in Wellness field. She is Teacher in Wellness skills and coordinates professional seminars in Holistic Methods.
After her 6-year presence as President of the Hellenic Shiatsu Society, she continues to volunteer her services as Vice-President.
She is the Representative of Hellenic Shiatsu Society at the European Shiatsu Federation and editor at Shiatsu Resources Worldwide supporting the charitable work of providing Shiatsu to Hospitals and Palliative Care and Pain Management Centers worldwide.
She believes that balance is the natural state of human and IASI means the return to the innate state of Harmony and Wholeness.

6972 835105