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Hello, I’m Maria

I am a dietician-nutritionist and a graduate of the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics at the School of Health Sciences of the International Hellenic University (formerly the Alexandreio Technical Educational Institute of Thessaloniki). Since 1998, I have been providing services to promote health through nutrition and physical activity (Polykliniki General Hospital of Athens, VitaPlus Diet Center, NAMA Gym, teaching at the Aegina Post-secondary Vocational School). Since 2010, I have been operating my own office in Aegina as a licensed dietician, personally tailoring services to each client with respect and professionalism.

I would be happy to help you make a new start with healthier dietary habits and help you achieve your ideal weight, without extreme measures and deprivation.

Weightgain – Obesity – Physical conditions

Ασχολούμαι ενεργά με τη διαχείριση της παχυσαρκίας και των παθήσεων που οφείλονται στο αυξημένο σωματικό I actively work to manage obesity and conditions resulting from increased body weight (cholesterol, increased blood sugar, metabolic syndrome, high uric acid, bowel conditions, digestive conditions, and others).

With my knowledge of dietetics, I can help modify people’s behavior in relation to food so they can better control their daily diet, achieve their desired weight loss and succeed in maintaining the result over the long term by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Pregnancy – Breast-feeding

I provide support and guidance to expectant mothers during pregnancy and later during the breast-feeding phase so that, through proper nutritional habits, they can develop a strong immune system for themselves and their fetus/infant. I can also help them to avoid extra weight gain during these phases.

Pediatric nutrition – Child obesity

Having earned the title Master Nutritionist in Paediatric Nutrition, I specialise in providing services for children to help educate them on how to manage their dietary habits. My aim is, together with their parents, to help them understand the nutritional requirements of this age group (vitamins, metals and minerals) so they can adopt sound habits using appropriate methods to treat and/or avoid obesity.

I was pleased to be able to offer my expertise to the children of the Aegina Municipal Daycare Center as an unpaid consultant to the mayor on children’s nutrition, as well as to primary and middle school children by presenting special lectures.

Sports nutrition

I have completed a training program on “Principles of Sports Nutrition” and can provide services to athletes who would like to incorporate nutrition in their training program to maximize performance.



Each session includes the following steps:

  • Weight and body composition measurements using the Tanita BC418 Segmental Body Composition Analyser to collect data on body fat (whole-body and segmental – trunk, visceral, arms, legs), muscle mass (whole-body and segmental), bone mass, body water content and metabolism.
  • Dietary assessment and training, using tools such as a diary to record food intake, 24-hour recall, goal-setting tools, a portion guide, and others.
  • Goal setting and methodology to achieve target.
  • Personalised nutritional guidelines and diet plan.

Session duration: The first session is 60’-75’ with subsequent sessions of 30-40’

Frequency of sessions: Depending on need

Tanita MC 780 – professional scale – fat meter. Body composition analysis in less than 30 seconds.
Serinth Fitmate portable Resting Metabolic Rate measurement system with the method of indirect calorimetry.

Preparation for 1st session

At the 1st session, we will go over your medical history, so it is important to bring your most recent blood test results with you.

For the body composition analysis, please follow these instructions:

  • 3 hours before lipometry (body fat analysis), do not consume any food, water or other fluids.
  • Avoid strenuous physical activity in the 12-24 hours prior to the analysis.
  • Do not consume any alcohol for 24 hours prior to lipometry.
  • It is advisable to urinate before the analysis.
  • Lipometry is not done in women while they are menstruating.
  • Lipometry is not done on women who are pregnant for preventive reasons or on people who have had a pacemaker implanted or who have other metal implants in their body.

 22975 00243    6977 311984   

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