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Welcome to Mikaela’s Goods, located in the Aegina town centre. Here, you’ll find a large selection of traditional and organic products from small producers in Aegina and around Greece. These products include Aegina pistachios, special honey, extra-virgin olive oil, top-quality Greek pulses, sweets made with pure ingredients and many more items with high nutritional value.

The origins of Mikaela’s Goods

Our long involvement with our family-owned restaurant, for years part of the Aeginitean gastronomic scene, has sharpened our instincts and increased our love for everything related to good food, based on the uncompromising excellence of its ingredients.

Our desire is to bring the Mediterranean Diet to the forefront once again, to recommend new and healthier dietary habits and to select the flavorful treasures offered by Mother Earth.

Our aim is that the distinctive delicacies that we trust and discover in the neighborhoods of the Greek provinces can be enjoyed not just by Aeginiteans and Greeks, but by consumers in Europe and around the world. That’s why we created the Mikaela’s Goods shop and e-shop.


Olive oil is the star of the Mediterranean Diet and our ancestors had recognized its value even in ancient times. Homer described olive oil as “liquid gold”, while Hippocrates had identified its therapeutic properties.


The pistachio is part of the nut family and is highly nutritious and rich in vitamins, potassium and protein. Though high in calories, research has shown that not only is it not linked to weight gain and obesity, but it actually reduces the risk of coronary disease.

Special diets

There is no doubt that diet is one of the cornerstones for improving and maintaining good health. We have great respect for the ingredients we use and want to make sure they are as pure and rich in nutrients as they can be so that we can increase our chances at better physical and mental health.

At our physical shop and e-shop, you will find: Olive Oil • Pistachios & Nuts • Honey • Pulses and Pasta • Sweets • Herbs & Spices • Plant products • Specialty Foods • Juices, traditional liqueurs & beverages • Products for people with diabetes • NOCarb • Sugar-free spoon sweets • Sugar substitutes • Stevia products • Sugar-free Nut Butters • Gluten-free products • Energy products • Vegan & Organic Cereals • Flours

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