Our vegetable garden is the source. Our kitchen is the creation. Our people are the hands and the soul. You, our customers, are the cause and the reason. We thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Ostria Restaurant took its name from the Southern wind. Warm, mild, favorable, unclouded, relaxing, the southern wind of hospitality welcomes you each year from April till mid-November, on Marathonas coast, just 4km. from the port and in very close distance from the island’s sights.

At your disposal any time. Complete breakfast with fresh eggs, local thyme honey, ouzo and tidbits, homemade Greek cuisine with supplies from the family’s croft, fresh fish daily from the fishing boats for lunch and for dinner. Grilled meat, pies, homemade desserts and daily gastronomical surprises are mentioned in many magazines, newspapers and travel guides and dare you to taste them.

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