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One of the most important tasks that should often be done is cleaning the chimney.

The chimney should be cleaned approx. every 3-4 tonnes of wood burning. Keeping the chimney clean, we ensure the correct and secure function of our fireplace. All traditional methods of cleaning fireplaces clean the chimney superficially and not inside the chimney where there is a risk of fire, as the smoke box is almost like a cone in which nobody can interfere due to its form. So the only way to do so, is by cleaning with metal brush.

With our specialized team, with flawless technique and extensive experience we use modern machines and tools which clean properly the fireplaces, chimney and chimney burner without dirtying your place, leaving no trace of smoke or dust, so that you’ll be assured for the safe function of your fireplace. In fact, most customers do not even notice that a chimney cleaning service passed by.